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Investigative Services

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Investigative Services

Field Inspection

Process Serving

Private Investigative

There is a link to being a Notary Public to these services.

As a Notary Public Official, you open the door to expanding your communication and interview skills, honesty and ethics, critical thinking, and problem solving.

We offer these other services along with training education to enter the field if interested.

Field Inspection
A field inspector acts as the eyes and ears for insurance companies, mortgage lenders, and banks who have a financial stake in a piece of property or equipment. 
They gather information and perform property value appraisal of residential and commercial properties and vehicles. As a field inspector, your job duties are to visually inspect a property, take photographs, collect data, serve delinquency notices and other legal documents and compile a report. 
Research shows there are over 150 different types of inspections and over 180 million field inspections ordered every year.
We perform these services, train others to become an Inspector and act as a directory referral source for agencies looking for Inspectors.
Process Serving 
The central duty of a process server is to act as a courier service in delivering various legal documents by hand to individuals involved with court cases, filing court papers and document retrieval.
These documents can range from summons, divorce papers, complaints, and subpoenas to restraining orders.
Private Investigation
Jamie and Ronald Liggins are licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners. 
We conduct on-site inspections to review your current security practices, internal controls to identify potential risks to your company along with recommendations to reduce risk exposure. 
Detailed process service is included in our service offerings along with background investigations and witness screening.  
On-site research of court records in every parish in Louisiana, using the Internet and other public databases is offered; due diligence investigations are also offered.

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