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Workshop Courses and Webinars

Review the topis we have in store to teach you many topics to increase your income.

Mentoring – Business Consultation – Training
Jamie Liggins is “the Notary Know-How Coach”.  She has mentored IN THE THOUSANDS of Notaries; from novice to functional to expert. 
One’s learning never stops; in fact, we want to critique, enhance and diversify our business.  Thus, my goal is to help you do that with 1:1 mentoring, mock demonstrations, creating customized student portfolios, providing you with resources through online and live educational webinars all under the umbrella of Notary Access and Business Services.
Our mantra has always been “Don’t Stress just contact Notary Access! 
Schedule a free introductory consultation first so that your customized portfolio can be created!
Notary & Business Presentation Workshops (Upon Request)


This module introduces you to the Field Inspection industry. Learn the WHAT, HOW, WHY & HOW MUCH of this industry.


Expand your Field Inspection Business

This Webinar introduces you to Property Preservation…WHAT it is, WHO can do this, HOW you market yourself, TOOLS needed, GET the work!

Mystery Shopping

This webinar was created to dispel the myths about Mystery Shopping. Learn how to find the jobs and make this worth your time.

What is a Field Inspector? 
Service representatives that act as the “direct eyes and ears” in the field for these segments:  Residential, Commercial  industries and MORE.  Often you can work directly for Banks and Finance companies to contact consumers or collect information on properties or collateral.
Why is this a good “side gig or hustle” to increase revenue?
 No demand on special education nor experience  
 You are your “Own Boss” with flexible hours
 Fast Start and relatively low start-up costs
 You don’t have to quit your current job
Inspections are in demand because it’s estimated that 180 million are ordered every year
Research has shown there are over 200 different types of field inspections
What’s included with your paid Field Inspection Course?
This 3-hr webinar has offers you customized detailed training so that when completed you will feel confident to enter the Field Inspection industry. You will know the protocols, how to establish and market your business.
The course comes with a certificate of completion, hiring agency list and direct job referrals. WE have companies that work with us directly and can refer you to them.   
I designed this 1 hr course to help you be mentally prepared to take the 6-month class to become a   Civil Law Notary in Louisiana.  Outside of getting the information on registering for the course, purchasing your material before the class begins, you need an outline on how to study for the 6-hr exam.  
I would have been better equipped to pass the exam on the FIRST go if I had this information that I’m sharing with you.  It is a golden nugget that doesn’t cost a lot, but you will treasure the information and the structured curriculum and exam outline.
You will receive:
Preparatory information for the Class, Materials and the Exam
Information on the Notary Industry
Information on becoming a Notary Loan Signing Agent
Information on Notary diversifications via Network Resources
Information on how to get Mentoring 

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We’re dedicated to excellence and precision – two things that have taken us far in the industry. We pride ourselves on our work, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done. 

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